Mental Health & Strengths Coaching 

“I’m ready to let go and grow. It’s time to invest im myself.!”
80% of Success Starts With Your Psychology.

Jamie Bland – Develop the Mindset for Ambitious Results + Personal Success

Change Starts Now

With The Right Mindset 

Your Language, Thoughts
and Actions Will Change.

Influencing Your Results

The Problems & Solutions Lie Within:
Change your habits
Change your health
Change your wealth
Change your Purpose in Life


Traction + Motivation
Skillsets + deliberate Practice
Training Techniques
Support and Resourcefulness


Focus, Effort, Ability.
Attitude, Awareness, Aptitude
Nurturing Conditions + Results 
(Environmental, Social, Emotional, Financial)


Proactive Change
Objective Results

Start the conversation Today.

Step One: Send a message- Briefly introduce yourself, say hi…

Step Two: I will schedule a ‘reach for peak’ introductory call.

Step 3: I will personally speak with you when you’re ready

Step 4: We start making progress towards your goals in mind

Coaching Mission

WHAT WE WILL DO- On the most basic level:

We outline the Success Blueprint
We set the intentions of whats most importance.
Foster the focus of objective results.
Identify and develop the strengths required.
Cover Deliberate Practices in detail
Define Purposeful Actions, Challanges and Habits
Noirish and condition the roots and shoots for growth.
Align the Solutions with your success strategy.


Seek to understand,
Listen + Transfer. 
Encourage, Feedback + Support your Work

Provide wisdom, information and expertiseSupport,Support,
Offer Invaluable Recommendations.  
Provide resources and material. 
Challenge you in an effective (growth oreintated) manner.

Mental Strength + Conditoning

 The First Step is Always the Hardest. “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” ~ Martin Luther King, 

I honor you for seeking to invest in yourself and your Journey. Aligning the steps, facing the challenges and managing the resistance is not easy.

I walk this path alongside family, friends, clients, and potentially beside you. We are equal in certain respects. On each step of the journey I seek to support you to make the best possible decisions with the greatest outcomes in mind. 

Your Journey is your choice, only when you learn to take respondibility for those choices. Reaching out for support is your choice.

With support, we can clearly define how to tackle each step + how to let go of what is holding you back



Client Centred Therapy





Positive Psychology


Self Hypnosis

Breathing Practices

Functional Movement

Talk Therapy

Massage Therapy

Morning Routines

Effective Habits   

Personalised Strengths + Results Coaching 

There is no one-size fits all… but there a blueprint of chanllenges all must conquer. 

What I have found to be most beneficial for any individual is a combination of Positive Psychology, Strengths and Self-Congruency. 

We will be directly working on optimisation your mindset, motivation, energy availability and self-regulaiton to drastically improve your ability to achieve those goals in mind.

Through developing practices and the coaching process, you will learn what it takes to personally win, succeed and beleive in yourself. 

We will be touching base with a number of coaching and therapy disciplines while working together through the fundamental stages of self-actualisaiton. A process to greater connect your body and mind. 

80% of success in life is goverened by your psychology

When it comes to the mind, therapy will not resolve all your problems or address all your needs. There is a distinct pattern between what the desired achievement and  attainment.

We will  use a variety of models and positively focussed interventions.




Individuation is the term I use to define what it is every human is capable of achieveing once learning the skills and expertise to master the human conditions .

Through constantly feedback + rich information, you can to. 

When we become stuck, stressed, stagnant and unsupported; the feedback in the form of thoughts, feelings and emotions can have a powerful influence on our decision making ability.

You can regain the response-ability you need and desire; the sense of meaning and purpose in life. To become what is means to be fulfilled. 

My Core focus for the past 5 years has been on mindset, mental health, psychology, neurobiology, the psyche, health, fitness, wellbeing, peak performance, self-regualtion, recovery, growth and personal deveopment. Results focussed Solutions.

I am embracing what it means to be growth minded.. I give you the expertise and opportunity to make the lifestyle you desire. To help you find the strength you need…. 

20% of Success is determined by mechanics  


Blueprint + Map

Change + Growth

Desires + Intentions

Goals in mind

Solutions + Structure

Strategy + Support


Performance Measures

Motivation + Momentum

Model expertise


If you learn to set your mind RIGHT

You are Capable of Achieving Anything. 

Optimise your state of mind –
The Results will be priceless, life-long, lasting, life-changing. 

A small investment now could reap rewards for the rest of your life to come. An investment in yourself, your mind and mindset is truly one the best investment you can make. An investment in your lasting health, wealth and happiness.

You can try it alone, or, you can save years of time, stress and uncertainty by reaching out for coaching today.  

Reach for peak – clarity, purpose and direction

Peak Mental Health is rare and hard to come by. Hence why only 13% of individuals are said to reach Peak Mental health. And you can absolutely one of those individuals with the right kind of support and coaching. 

Accomplish more without doubt or uncertainty.

The true challenge lies within your psychology, your state of mind and ability to perform the tasks you need to do, the challenges you take and opportunities you must first create. 

Reach for Support to achieve your peak- Coaching is one of the most effective methods to help get you there.

 First things first: The decisions you need to be make:

  1. Do you value yourself and your experience enough?
  2. Do you want to finally create the change you desire most?
  3. Do you want a sense of connection to who you truly can
  4. be, to show up every day in life?
  5. How much do you value a positive way of life? 

If you answered yes or no, the solution stays the same because the results are congruent with what you need! 

The Key Question:

Do I Invest in my success now, or however many years down the line after investing copious amounts of time, energy, emotion with little to no real returns?

You will be ready when you can ask for support.

    First things first

    Check-In: One To One

    Allow one good decision to lead to the next

    Ask any questions you have

    Find out What You Need To Know

    take the next step

    Gain the insight you need

    Develop a sense of direciton 

    Invest in Yourself and become your greatest asset 

    Turn weaknesses in to strengths.

    No Matter How you Feel today –
    You Can Start Investing In How Feel Tomorrow  

    “I feel like I don’t have the support I need”
    “I feel trapped in the system that I dont understand”
    “I feel like my emotions are bottled up”
    “Everything feels chaotic and unmanageable”


    Are Thoughts Troubling You?
    Take The Time To Talk It Over. 

    “I can’t function the way i want to!”
    “I can’t stop thinking: What if… I can’t… What if…”
    “I’m stressing … knackered… and not getting anywhere”
    “money and worries influence my every decision!”

    Start the conversation Today.

    Step One: Send a message- Briefly introduce yourself, say hi…

    Step Two: I will schedule a ‘reach for peak’ introductory call.

    Step 3: I will personally speak with you when you’re ready

    Step 4: We start making progress towards your goals in mind